Saturday, May 7, 2011

Awesome Things

One of the blogs I follow (  had a fun post this week. Gretchen Rubin was praising another author friend of hers, who recently published a second book, by sharing a list of some awesome things: Awesome Things Make You Happy

I am generally a fairly happy person, but there are still moments of 'awesome things' that just give that little added boost to the day. Here are some of mine:

*Noticing the digital clock right at 11:11. In our family, we use this as an excuse to "make a wish".
*Hearing my teenager sing in the shower as I walk down the hall, passing the bathroom door.
*Receiving an unexpected compliment.
*Walking barefoot on sun-warmed lawn.
*Smelling microwave popcorn.
*As I drive my normal route into town, I realize everything is suddenly green. Spring has arrived.
*Finding a 'long lost' friend on Facebook.
*Sharing a great movie with my husband.
*Checking on my children, after they're asleep.
*When someone lets me merge in a heavy lane of traffic.
*Seeing deer grazing in my yard.

There are a ton of other things, as well, but those were the first few I thought of. What are yours?

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